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Why you should install a ceiling panel

Ceiling panels not only help you maintain the right auditory environment in your office, but also help in enhancing the ambience of the place. But for the best results, it is important to choose the right type of ceiling panel by keeping in mind the acoustic requirements, the area and the architecture of your office, theatre, hospital, church or school.

There are many uses of these panels. Well designed and properly installed panels can add to the beauty of the room by covering the ugly wiring and piping near the roof, protect you from fire hazards and also absorb the unwanted sound that is often created by constant communication and use of several machines in the office. Not just that, having a drop ceiling also allows convenient installation of lights and other decorative items like chandeliers in places like theatres, churches and auditorium.

Wide range of ceiling panel designs

There is a huge variety of ceiling panel designs you can choose from. Whether you want perforated ceiling panels, vinyl coated panels, gypsum panels or custom designed panels, our design engineers and wood craftsmen will provide the ideal solution for you.

Choose our experts for flawless ceiling panel installation

Considering all your needs, we can help you choose the right type of panels for your property, or have it custom designed if necessary. Our acoustic engineers and craftsmen are experienced in installing ceiling panels in different types of building and rooms,  and will make sure that the panels are properly installed on time and as per your specifications.

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