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Kenslay Interiors

At Kenlay Interior,we focus on the planning and preparation of an Interior Space for effective use and visual appeal. This could include modifying the building structure.We usually involve working with a team of Architects, Builders or Engineering Consultants. We Plan, design and Coordinate the creation or renovation of the spaces.We work on designing interiors that are personalised to their client’s taste and serves a functional purpose.We also consider elements such as safety, comfort, style in our design.


Whether you just need advice, a minor facelift, a custom fixture, or a full interior makeover, our award-winning design team is ready to help. Our experience stretches across a number of industries – from hospitality to office design, we relish each opportunity to work with great teams and flex our creativity muscles on commercial interior design projects.


Our modern interior design service has been featured all over the world and in almost every Irish Interior design publication – we love what we do and we think you will too. If you would like us to be a part of your next project please get in touch and we can have a no obligation chat about your plans.


We offer best Corparate Designing Services to our clients. Our qualified designers and project managers are able to take all the stages of interior designing processes from developing the brief, planning the space, communicating the ideas, sourcing the right materials, producing drawings.

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Kenslay Interior

We hope that through the Interior Advisor, customer will be able to pick up intelligent household solutions of the right kind of function and material suited for their lifestyle and be introduced to simple, innovative design ideas that relay Kenslay philosophy and concept into the customer’s living spaces.

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